I make fiber networks through abstract painting, multi-immersion dyework, collage quilting, gesture drawing, free-motion embroidery, and somatic meditation. I use an industrial sewing machine and a giant scroll of fabric. My machine, Lucey, is entirely hand-operated; as I move my body and hold the handlebars of the machine, I draw, paint, quilt, and collage with fabric and thread, leaving trails of stitches behind as maps of my migration patterns.

My favorite materials include silk dupioni, hand-dyed fabrics, hand-painted canvas, wool roving, acrylic paint, thick embroidery threads, and an array of salvaged fabrics and yarns. My textiles are memoirs, time-capsules, and archives. Even in my commercial work, I typically include sentimental fabrics from my soul and personal story. For example, I cut up my old childhood blanket to become part of my Nine Angels piece (shown below).

I experience my work as a “zooming out” of time; a memoir of a pieced-together life. It’s all too big for me to ever see. But I can see what is right in front of me, and I must dance deeply with that moment in all its fleeting fullness. It is a spiritual practice to listen fully to the voice of the moment, to dance deeply with it, and to move on again and again. 

I am spiritually commissioned to be an artist. This calling imbues my life’s work with awareness of loss, celebration of beauty, and courage to keep forging into unseen futures.

At work in my studio on Nine Angels, with pieces of my childhood blanket cut up and ready to be included as painted elements into new artwork.