TerMinAL mA

TerMinAL mA is a site-specific installation exploring female ancestral memory through heirloom objects. Descendants encounter mA’s remains in her cyclical tomb. The show includes more than twenty handmade pieces, including furniture, wooden boxes, quilts, poetry, embroidered linens, and a film. The artist embodied mA’s ghost in several happenings in the terminal, including community quilting rituals.

TerMinAL mA

is a poetic gesture in preservation. 
Travelers return home
to find mother gone. 
But mother is here: transient permanent; the pieces 
she has left behind. 
Can you find her?

Relic: bodily remains of a saint
Reliquary: vessel for holding sacred remains
Trousseau: clothes, household linen, furnishings, and other belongings collected by a bride

point of connection
hub for departure and return
medium for communication junction of circuits extremity 

small electric current